2015 Adventures Recap + a Birth Story

As I have heard them called, “microadventures” were definitely more what I focused on this year, rather than epic backpacking trips or traveling outside the country. Mostly because I was pregnant. But I still got to do some pretty fun things, make some unique and fun things to eat, and participate in some neat projects! (And of course, our little girl was worth every minute of nausea and back pain and not fitting into my jeans or being able to do handstands :))

Here’s a recap.


Walked on ice  while Winona Lake was frozen
Cosplayed as Jayne (from Firefly) at Indy ComicCon
Ran 3.14 miles on Pi Day!
Climbed a 5.10 20 weeks pregnant and camped at Miguels
Met the voice of Connie from Adventures in Odyssey and had a Wod Fam Choc Sod! (inside joke but if you get it then lets be friends)
Participated in a workshare at Hawkins Farm
Spent an epic weekend in Michigan complete with fireworks, canoeing, and playing hide and seek in the dark
Apple Festival in Nappanee
Hobbit Day (best day :D)


Participated in Babessendthings
Participated in the litographs Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass tattoo chain
Volunteered at Hawkins Farm pizza nights
Family Art nights at Meredith and Dave’s
Got published for the fourth time in Edible Michiana

Around the house:


Found a mole in our basement
Grew a pumpkin from our compost pile
Finally figured out the selfie
Flipped a breech baby
Towards the end of my pregnancy, Caleb and I started observing SatNERDay where we did cool nerdy things like playing with Legos, watching cartoons, and eating Egg McMuffins for breakfast.

Foraged: (this list is woefully short this year, but that’s ok — I’ll make up for it 🙂 )

Cherries (and tomato plants from a neighbor who let me pick from the tree and then showed me her garden!)

The best adventure of the year was definitely giving birth to this spunky little girl!! Briefly, for record’s sake, here’s my birth story: I went into labor on Sunday morning, September 27, and counted contractions all through church. (They were 5-8 minutes apart all during the service.) They increased in frequency and duration steadily all throughout the day, and I finally told Caleb sometime in the afternoon that I thought I was in labor. (I was trying to be all tough girl and wait till I was REEAALLY sure.) We called the midwife and let her know, and she said to keep laboring at home for a while and call her once things were more progressed. That night there was a full harvest moon, and also a rare blood moon (and supposedly some other cool astronomical stuff I admittedly didn’t quite understand). We drove to the gas station, went for a walk, and watched a couple of episodes of a tv show (note to future moms: don’t watch Gotham while you’re in labor…not good for the nerves, lol) and finally drove to the Goshen Birth Center about 1 a.m. on the 28th, when contractions were approximately a minute long and a minute apart. They had recommended to wait as long as possible so we did, although I was admittedly very ready for her to come! But when we arrived, much to my dismay, I was only 2cm dialated! We waited another hour and wasn’t really dilated more even though the contractions were getting pretty uncomfortable. I was nervous that we’d have to drive home and come back later, which would have made for a pretty awful night, but the midwife did a membrane sweep and that immediately set me another centimeter. The birth center was neat because they gave you several options for laboring — I was able to labor in the tub for much of the time, even though I ended up being moved to the bed last-minute. After the membrane sweep, the next few hours advanced at about 1 cm per hour, and then suddenly I was in active labor.  (I realized this when I became aware that I had just let out a completely gutteral scream. I don’t normally let my physical boundaries down, even when in pain, subconsciously always wanting to feel in control of my physical body and how I am coming across. Well, all of that went out the window when active labor started. I wasn’t aware of this at the time, but apparently started dialating so fast that the second midwife nearly didn’t make it in time for the birth.)  I had to push when I was only 9cm and the midwife had to tell me to try to NOT push to wait for the final cm! Scout Serenity Grace was born at 5:59 am Monday morning weighed 6 pounds 1 oz, was 19.25 inches long. Officially, active labor was 2 hours 59 minutes and I pushed for 9 minutes. Caleb went above and beyond his husband duties and was by my side the entire time, helping me labor and keeping me calm during the worst of it.

After Scout was born, we were blessed with an Indian Summer that we took full advantage of. Here are some microadventures with Scout:

Missessinewa 1812 reenactment at 2 weeks old
Dozens of walks during the indian summer including one at Chain O’ Lakes State Park
Hammocking with Emma
Cutting our own Christmas tree (favorite Christmas tradition)

Food I made this year: (I love trying new things)

chicken in milk with tarragon
Norwegian croissants
brown butter chocolate chip cookies
made a pie for a wedding (and attended 6 weddings for that matter)
homemade pizza – weekly during the summer
A perfect fall meal with Haley: Thyme and butter chicken with apple cider cream sauce, maple pureed pumpkin, gingerbread cupcakes for dessert.
Red tea spiced sweet potatoes
Salted rum caramel truffles
buttered rum (new holiday favorite)
honey latte (at-home recipe made with a blender: coffee with honey, coconut oil, and cream)

Favorite coffee/coffee shops:

Tolkien’s Pipe and Swedish Latte from 3Crowns
Campfire Coffee made with smoked chicory from the Poor Porker
Chestnut tea latte at The White Hart in Lynchburg Va. (an old favorite I revisited while I was there this summer)
Soup from Kenapochomocha coffee shop in North Manchester
Pain au chocolat at Light Rail (to die for…) and also their spruce chai

States Visited:


Other things:

Several years ago I made a pact with myself to write lots of letters. Stayed strong this year.

It’s also my goal to read more books every year. Last year I read 26, and this year I only TIED my goal…finished 26 books. Noteworthy among them were these titles: The Power and the Glory, American Gods, Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (finally finished it!), My Name is Asher Lev, Ender’s Game, and my new favorite, All the Light We Cannot See.

Excited for what is to come!!


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