Apotheosis: Reepicheep the Mouse

mouse cropped

sketch by Emily (emmekamalei on DeviantArt)

 God…who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not
as though they are.
 Romans 4:17


Small heart,
you long for things most would never dare reach for.

You’re like a hero of old,
those who were led by their heart’s desires and
was their highest aim.
If they heard your boasts, some might say you are
like a god
they might pen accolades and
about your prowess and
strength, your knighthood and

In fact, that is exactly who you
wish to be.
a god. A beautiful, uprising warrior-god, ravishing the world
with your strength.

but you don’t have
broad bronze shoulders
or a noble mien
or a great gleaming sword


you are small
and ruffled
with a twitching nose and humble
velvet ears, you
don’t fill the footsteps of those mighty men
treading through all the stories.

you have a pride
too swollen for your
tiny frame.
and a voice
too small to claim


in this impossible paradox
does the Mighty One stake his claim.

the great gold-maned shadow-presence
behind you – massive paws and thunderous

Says, yes,

Here is my brave one, my humble one,
he who I will exalt.
I will make my shadow his!

And so
in his strength you are lifted up
by his words you are glorified.

Small heart,
take heart,
walk with confidence
in the path of your desires,
you desire God’s country,
and he is leading you there.


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