a tribute to the Company: the week we published our first magazine

Souls that have toiled, and wrought, and thought
with me
-Tennyson’s Ulysses

This week my Scribblous Company is printing Volume II of our magazine. Unfortunately, I can’t be there with them – I have battles of my own, as I’m in Ohio for the NAIA Nationals indoor track meet. In honor of all the work they are doing this week, then, here’s a tribute to the work of noble note they are undertaking: 

I know it’s difficult to thrive
sleep-deprived and deadlined and
on the edge of a knife
but I’ve been blessed enough today
with a smile bigger than the dark circles, 
and a will stronger than my weary mind

because there’s a thrill, to lean into the pain
to say,
there’s something going on here
there’s something we’re going to do
and we’re doing it.

so, my tired throng,
we may move earth and heaven yet
with our 
careful- tempered trade
so, my heroic hearts
our noble purpose stays:
still strive, and seek, and search and find, for
we will yield
ere the end.


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