you should know

     Lately I’ve been trying to be more logical instead of emotional all the time. I’m pretty bad at it, not gonna lie. And as far as this blog is concerned, it doesn’t help that poems often explore the emotional side of things and sometimes ignore logic entirely.
     bleh. Sometimes I don’t know about this whole put-yourself-out-there thing. Today, I think I would rather dig a really deep hole and hide in it.

Too bad. Here’s one of my favorites. There’s a bit of logic in all of the emotion. Try to keep that in mind as you read.


You should know
   we resort to cookies
        when we run out of words.
when saying is too sharp
   or too incoherent
here have some
extra-stuffed chocolate chip, pumpkin-buttermilk,
        seven layer snickerdoodle
(yes let’s fill you up with sugar –
                as if you need it.) 
it’s maternal instinct, maybe.
  Or maybe we just fail at loving,
 and all we’ve got to hide behind now, our
    last language
        is coded for your tastebuds, masterpiece-by-the-dozen
   maybe you missed it


allow me to translate.

 cookies mean I love you
  cookies mean I need a hug
cookies mean I’m insecure today and I just want you
    to say I’m pretty or
talk about me to your friends –
           maybe rate me an 8 out of 10.
  cookies mean please don’t leave yet
mean I feel at home around you
       talk to me
you can do it I know you can and
 I want you to know so bad that
   I’m afraid to tell you
out loud.

           We stir it all in
with the butter and vanilla
     and hope


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