the color of grace

The American church today accepts Grace in theory but denies it in practice. -Ragamuffin Gospel

We speak as if
a Christian is always going through
different stages.
We talk in metaphors:
“how is your
with God?
Are you taking steps
to fix that?
Tell me about your

So the question is
what carries us up
a mile closer
to God’s country?
What pulls back the veil
to his temple?
What lets us
stride for stride
in his presence
and come back down the mountain
with glory?

The answer is grace.

We all know how stuck
we are, three feet deep in
soil and sin
entombed in our own filth –
wallowing in worthlessness.

grace unburies.

We know we’re sightless
engulfed by darkness,
groping for certainty in a

grace lights.

We know we are lodged in the
frozen ground,
helpless seeds curled up
in our own selfishness
cupping our vulnerable souls
in fear…

but grace grows.

You see, the thing about a seed, when
planted and watered and nourished –
it soon sprouts up hopeful tendrils
towards the light
and this little perennial, graced
with light and
water and care
will fill up the entire garden,
tumbling over itself in green exhilaration
spreading its verdant foliage
as far as the eye can see –

grace multiplies like that!

God sent his Son to die for us – that
was grace. Then, he gave us grace to receive that grace-gift, and then
He gives us grace to give grace to others –
grace! grace, on all sides, over
every surface, growing over everything
we touch and see and hear…

without his grace we’d be back in the grave.

We’d see black.
We’d be barren, bound
in the earth like a curse.

as it is
the unseen hand that planted you long ago in the
pushes you up from the ground
unwinds your winding sheet
unveils your eyes
and sets you on your way again
on the road to
further up

So once you find your feet
look up.


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